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Modern Day Cowboys

Pack your bags, we’re headed to Germany for today’s Watch.

Das Handwerk, the German Federation of Craftsman, took the classic Western saga and turned it into an entertaining 2-minute modern film.

There are all the typical things you’d expect to see in a movie of this style—an older woman screaming in the streets, a priest performing an exorcism, dramatic banjo music (never thought we’d type that one), and of course our hero and his trusty steed.

In the tale, the hero rushes into the old woman’s house to tackle a villain the basement. As it turns out, the villain is actually a modern-day boiler. But our favorite part? The ad ends with the phrase, “Und? Was hast du heute gemacht?” which translates as “And? What did you do today? We can tell you, we haven’t done anything nearly as dramatic today.



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