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How Much Advice Should You Give Away For Free?

MarketingProfs is one of the biggest publishers of marketing content out there. If you pay attention to them, you know the absurd amount of content they publish.

That raises two questions: first of all, why do they publish so much? And second of all, are they giving away too much free advice? They’re a training company that seemingly gives out all of their advice for free.

In one way or another, that 2nd question is something many companies struggle with. How much should we give away and how much should we make our audience pay for?

Matt Snodgrass, the Marketing Director at MarketingProfs, is here to help you figure out the answer to those questions. His answers might surprise you.

  • (01:48) The vision behind MarketingProfs is to make better, smarter marketers (that’s an idea we can get behind).
  • (04:43) Rather than focus on one type of content, MarketingProfs uses a variety of content types to reach their audience.
  • (04:52) People learn in different ways. To reach your audience in the most effective way, you need to have your content in many different formats.
  • (06:37) MarketingProfs prioritizes their projects by talking to their subject matter experts. They want to know what the experts in their field think will be the next big thing.
  • (09:50) They have their content scheduled out 4.5 months in advance!
  • (12:29) Make a note of this one and use it at your company: MarketingProfs is constantly talking to their readers and users to find out what they want more of.
  • (15:00) How much content do they publish in a week? A ton. At least 6 new blog articles per day.
  • (16:16) How much free advice is too much? Should you hold things back to entice people to buy from you? Surprisingly, Matt says yes.
  • (19:47) 75%-80% of the content that they put out is free with the remaining 20%-30% is behind a paywall.
  • (20:46) The reason this works is that it validates them. They give out amazing free content so people assume that the non-free content is even better.

Still more to learn from Matt in this one.


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