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Naming Strategies to Try

If you’re in this biz, chances are you have been tasked with naming a product or a concept (or a friend’s business, for that matter). It’s kind of like how people ask comedians to tell a joke. It’s what we do, technically, but it doesn’t necessarily come straight off the cuff. Pocket these tips for next time:

  • Mash two words into one. Facebook, Snapchat, DoorDash, Ticketmaster.
  • Blend the sounds and meanings of two words with a portmanteau. Expedia (Exploration + Speed), Netflix (Internet + Flicks), Pinterest (Pin + Interest).
  • Play on words. Reddit (read it), Google (googol), Lyft (lift).
  • Pay tribute. Roku (meaning six, for the founder’s sixth startup); Tesla (tribute to Nikola Tesla); Apple (tribute to Newton’s apple).
  • Use an aspirational expression. Target (the singular destination), Uber (German for over, above).
  • Use personification. Nike (Greek goddess of victory), Amazon (like the vast rainforest).
  • Try some nonsense. Hulu, Shein, Temu.
  • Be literal. Threads, Zoom, Messenger.

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