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New Google Ad Standards & Penalty Review Tool

Google. The Almighty Mediator when you and your S.O. are arguing about [fill in the blank]. Of course we use it for so much more than that, but is it ever as satisfying? If you’re in the marketing biz, the Good Googs provides a ton of tools, like AdWords, Analytics, Blog Search, AdSense, and many more.

We’re focusing on all things Google ads today with a vid about Google’s new stance on advertising. Google recently joined The Initial Better Ads Standards coalition, researching which ads are most annoying and least annoying to a viewer. Because, I think we can all agree here, that online ads are… not so great. Like the ones that autoplay with sounds or take up an entire page? Well, the Good Googs is taking measures to block ads that don’t comply with the Better Ads Standards. And there are penalties involved!

Learn all about these latest updates, guidelines, and more in today’s Watch.


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