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New Strategies for Today’s Social Media Landscape

The social pros at Convince & Convert are doing what they do best—making some solid predictions and serving up super insightful tips on social media marketing. In today’s Listen they cover a range of hot-button topics, from the overwhelm of ephemeral content (disappearing “stories”) to how social media platforms are no longer “leveling the playing field.” 

There’s a lot to take away from this, so we’re getting right to it. The meat of the matter doesn’t begin until 11:00—start there.

  • (11:15) How ephemeral content has developed and changed the social landscape over the past year
  • (11:55) How ephemeral/perishable content has “jumped the shark”
  • (13:10) Why there is no real long-term benefit of ephemeral content
  • (13:40) Does the attention yield true benefits? “It’s not like a TV commercial, which creates attention, and then, presumably causes demand”
  • (14:05) The questions Adam gets from clients at Salesforce regarding confusion about ephemeral content
  • (15:40) How simplifying the user interface can create a drastic shift in demographics for a social media platform
  • (16:45) The crucial shift marketers must make to focus Gen Z in 2018
  • (17:15) After zero acquisitions in 2017, will we see any platforms sunset in 2018?
  • (18:20) If a new platform wants to emerge, it’s going to have to “fundamentally reexamine what connectivity means”
  • (18:30) Why the next platform is going to have to do something dramatically different that it’s clearly a differentiated experience… What would that look like? Augmented reality + social media interactivity?
  • (21:00) How the world of social media could shift in the coming year
  • (21:40) Why it’s so critical to have a social strategy that’s only 90 days. Anything beyond that, “you’re just making things up”
  • (24:00) The power of live video and why video has become one of the essential tools for social media marketing
  • (32:00) “Is social becoming a circumstance where the rich get richer?”
  • (32:45) Why it’s better to go more in-depth on a couple of social channels rather than trying to build a presence on all channels
  • (33:50) What it means to be a “social sommelier”

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