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New Year, New You: Building Your Brand With Paid Social

Top 20 songs have a knack for getting in our heads. Even a song you don’t particularly care for can slip into your mind and stay a while after half a dozen listens. Love it or hate it, it’s super effective. It’s also how we got Baby Shark…

Building your brand takes a similar amount of impressions to really capture someone’s attention. While getting organic content in front of your audience is more and more competitive, Visiture offers some tips on building your brand with paid social.

  • Connect with the Target Audience. If you already have buyer personas built out, then it’s time to create an audience with similar attributes. You’ll have plenty of flexibility in defining the demographics and interests of those you’re targeting. However, make sure you take the time to assess which social media channels contain the audiences you’re looking to reach.
  • Highlight Brand Differentiation. Set yourself apart so your audience views your brand as the go-to choice for whatever product or service you provide. Provide a simple comparison of your offerings vs other offerings from competitors. No need to name competitors; just be mindful of how people will differentiate you from those competitors.
  • Address Pain Points. People don’t typically go to the ER when they feel perfectly fine. Present some of the struggles people in your audience face before adopting your products and solutions. Sometimes people just don’t know where to go with the pain they feel. Use paid ads to illustrate how your brand solves the pain points you’ve laid out.
  • Employ Retargeting. Repetition is key when you’re building recognition for your brand. Most people aren’t going to buy from you the first time they see an advertisement. Keep promoting your content so people gain more and more familiarity with your brand and what it is you offer. Soon enough, the people you’ve retargeted will associate your brand with relevant needs they have.

There’s more where that came from, so check it all out.


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