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Nice to Meep You

Okay, we were truly planning on not doing another holiday ad today, but then we saw this one from Migros and it’s real freakin’ adorable. So here we are. Featuring another holiday ad. But, this will be the last one (you know that’s not true).

Migros’ new spot sticks with the trend of using adorable holiday creatures to endear us to a brand. This one features the checkout scanning creature. What? You didn’t know that there was actually a little person that lives inside the checkout scanner? How else do you think the scanner makes that *meep* when the cashier scans something?

As it turns out, the little scanning creatures get pretty lonely when the store is closed, but it’s hard for them to leave their scanners to make friends with other meepers. Luckily, a nice checkout lady comes to the rescue…


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