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Nine Expert Tactics to Accelerate Your SEO Rankings

When’s the last time you clicked to page 2 of your Search Engine Results? It’s certainly the road less traveled. We all know it’s not where you want your own content ending up.

Fortunately, Visiture has nine expert tactics to accelerate your rankings so you’re always on page 1 – and hopefully right at the top.

Create Superior Content. You won’t have any difficulty finding this tip anywhere because it holds so true. SEO needs content, and great content is a crucial step in ranking well. Write about hot topics and even step up product descriptions if they seem a little lackluster.

Optimize Content for Featured Snippets. Position Zero is pretty tough to beat. Often it gives people exactly what they’re looking for with zero clicks involved. Create pointed answers to relevant questions. These succinct bits will have a greater chance of showing up as snippets.

Include and Optimize Visuals. A wall of text doesn’t entice people the way imagery does. A mix of text and images will keep visitors on your site longer which helps give your site a bump in rank.

Utilize Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Typically a content piece is centered around a certain keyword. LSIs are keywords related to your main keyword. If your keyword is “bicycle”, then your LSIs could include “outdoor recreation” or “exercise”. Weave these into your posts so Google can better understand the post’s purpose.

Snatch Up Broken Links. People get a lot of information on Wikipedia. Use this to your advantage by better establishing your authority with citations needed and dead links. Look for stats without sources and link to your own content if it’s relevant. Do the same for broken links on Wikipedia if your content applies.

Accelerate away with the rest of these 9 tactics.


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