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No-Index Pages to Improve Search Rankings

We just saw a tweet from Rand Fishkin that said Moz no-indexed a bunch of pages to increase organic traffic by 13%.

If you’re not familiar, no-indexing a page simply means that you block Google from ranking that specific page. But that tweet got us thinking, what other pages should we consider no-indexing? If no-indexing pages can improve search traffic, we definitely want more of that.

So, we started searching. And of course, Neil Patel & Eric Siu had the answer.

Their suggestions for pages to no-index:

  1. Low-quality content – Look at pages that get barely any search traffic each month and remove those from Google.
  2. Tag pages – If you have a blog with tons of posts, you likely also have tag pages that help people navigate through your posts. These pages are unlikely to rank. No-index them.
  3. Duplicate content – Sometimes you might have pages that are similar or exactly the same. No-index the less popular ones.
  4. Paginated results – Similar to number 2, if you have a blog with many posts, you’re going to have multiple pages listing your blog posts. Pages 2 through whatever are unlikely to rank highly. No-index them.

This podcast is only 4-minutes long. Definitely worth your time if you want to improve search traffic.

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