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Not Today, Santa

Anomaly London is coming in hot with it’s newest Christmas film. The agency decided to summon the original Grinch to ruin Christmas for all this year.

This short film, narrated by Patrick Stewart, features a little girl named Hope. As you’d expect, Hope is writing a letter to Santa asking that he bring her a puppy for Christmas. Normal so far, right? Well, this story really heats up when Hope makes one small mistake—she misspells “Santa” as “Satan.”

Satan receives her letter and is immediately filled with confusing feelings of pity, empathy, and compassion. These new nice feelings cause him to be fired from hell. Eventually, the Prince of Darkness figures out that the letter wasn’t meant for him and all hell breaks loose. 

We’re not ruining this one for you… But, it just proves the point that typos can get you in some hot water. 


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