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NYTimes Thinks Email is the Next Best Thing

Not sure if you noticed yet, but we love email here at Carney. Shocking, we know.

Email marketing is an old, but underrated, marketing tactic. We think it’s about to explode. Today’s Listen explores the email marketing strategy of a little company you may have heard – The New York Times.

Here’s the most important stuff (timestamped to skip fluff):  

  • How NerdWallet’s VP of Content used a content-first approach to help build a $520 million company. (15:20)
  • The New York Times’ email newsletters – in just a few years, NYT has garnered 13-million subscribers for their various newsletters. That’s crazy-good growth, even for a well-known company. (27:29)
  • Trust Marketing – with all the #fakenews floating around these days, Trust Marketing can really set you apart. If you’re looking for a new marketing strategy, give this part a listen. (34:30)

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