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Outrank the Big Guys

Many of us are small players in a big-brand world. Those big brands not only dominate their industries, but they usually control the search rankings, too. Sucks, right?

Just because your company is a small business, though, doesn’t mean you can’t win search traffic away from the big guys.

We outlined the steps you can take to outrank the big brands below, and – since we like you guys so much – we included time-stamps from today’s podcast for each section.

  1. Republish old content as new content. The big guys are probably publishing more content than you. You can publish “new” content without writing a whole new blog post. Simply update an old blog post. Google really seems to love when people do this. (4:30)
  2. Leverage your partners and other websites to cross-promote and cross-link. (7:10)
  3. Add more content. Add 200-300 words to your top performing landing pages to boost SEO value. (8:28)
  4. Beat them at a local level. You can beat the bigger guys by focusing on local optimization. The big brands can’t do this because they’re too big. (9:08)
  5. Create one amazing piece of content. One big piece that’s better than anything else out there will increase your domain authority and SEO value better than a ton of small, average blog posts. (11:10)

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