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Paper Click Success

Storytime! We were hiring a PPC Specialist once and had a guy apply who claimed to be a “paper click” expert. Needless to say, he didn’t get an interview.

Anyway, pay-per-click advertising is super effective. It’s our second favorite way to advertise. Wanna take a guess at our favorite? But, PPC can be really ineffective if you structure your account wrong. Typically, if you do things like use the “express setup” from Adwords, you’re going to have a bad time.

Here are a few tips of what you should actually do to structure your account for success:

  1. Set bids according to income level zip code data. (This is one of our favorites)
  2. Begin with manual CPC bidding.
  3. Don’t just randomly pick a budget. Use facts and data to figure out how much to spend.

That’s only 3, but there are tons more in today’s Read.


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