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Pausing Your PPC Campaigns Due to Coronavirus?

Wondering how to move forward with PPC campaigns? Well fam, you’re not alone. As it’s been said, this is all uncharted territory. With the help of SEMRush, we’re gonna figure out this PPC dilemma together.

Here are few adjustments to make to your PPC campaign that can reduce CPA.

  1. Adjust your ad schedule to show up during the best performing times. Head to the Overview section of your Google Ad dashboard, and take note of the Day/Hour data at the bottom. Consider excluding or reducing spend on the days/hours that aren’t producing the highest conversion count.
  2. Look at the device-level performance data to cut out waste. While you’re on the Overview tab, mossie over to the Devices chart. Same deal as before. Take note of what device is getting the most conversions and focus your budget there. 
  3. Deep dive into your keyword and position level data to find quick wins. Continuously evaluate how much you pay per click. Regularly monitor CPC data and reduce it incrementally to potentially stay within the top 2-4 results while paying as little as possible for those positions.
  4. Refer to your auction insights data. How are your ads performing compared to others? Auction Insights gives ya the scoop. Ready for a mind-blowing tip: Stop aiming for the #1 position. That #1 spot typically pays 3-4 times more than positions 2-4. Experiment with reducing your CPCs until you are showing up just ahead of your competition.
  5. Adjust your keyword mix based on their performance. What keywords are bringing in lower-cost conversions and which are costing you more? Pause the keywords that result in expensive CPA, and use the available budget for the keywords that are costing the least to deliver.

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