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People Come First

Shout out to Unbounce for sharing how their team tackled COVID-19 to help their people!

The Challenge:

With COVID-19 continuing to be a global concern, Unbounce’s priority became how to meaningfully support their customers and prospects. The Unbounce team adjusted the business-as-usual content to help their audience navigate this uncertain landscape.

Particularly any groups who are most impacted by the current epidemic, like mission-critical services and small business—especially folks in these industries who may not already have a background in marketing.

The Solution:

Unbounce created a landing page that would act as a resource hub. It’s laser-focused on how small businesses can transition their product or service online.

In five working days, their team collaborated on the fly to write, design, and distribute a “COVID-19 Small Business Care Package” that detailed the most relevant, useful TL;DR info. They sourced and summarized key tech discounts, government funding/financial aid, and marketing optimization resources to provide businesses with at-a-glance info meant to help, not overwhelm.

The Results:

Within a week, Unbounce saw 500 unique pageviews to the landing page. Their internal customer-facing teams shared the page with customers/prospects, but it’s also been great to receive a positive response from the community. Other marketers and business owners have said it’s a valuable resource, or they were even willing to share it in their own networks of small-town businesses.

Ashley, a Marketing Strategist at Unbounce, adds, “Most of all, it was great to see our team regroup, find alignment, and move quickly to pull this together lickety-split!”

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