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People React to Being Called Beautiful

Usually, when a big brand tries to recreate a viral video, it totally flops. Remember all those Harlem Shake videos? ::shudders in horror::

Anyway, Samsung took a stab at recreating a viral video, and it went…surprisingly well.

Back in 2015, a high school student created a video where she went around and took pictures of students and teachers. As she snapped those pictures, she told her subjects the true purpose of her project — taking pictures of things she found beautiful. As she told her subjects why she was doing what she was doing, she recorded their reactions. People reacted by crying, being shocked, and even making self-deprecating remarks. That video went totally viral and got almost 18-million views.

So when we found out that Samsung decided to recreate that video as an ad, we all rolled our eyes. But we read that they had the creator of the original viral video direct this one so we decided to give it a shot. Gotta tell ya, they pulled it off so well.

It’s a beautiful way to start your Fri-yay…although you might wanna buy a new phone after watching it.


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