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How to Efficiently Write the Perfect Meta Description

We’ll cut to the chase: descriptions can be super helpful. Without them, how would you ever decide what you’ll watch next on Netflix, or piece together visual elements of your favorite book?

Today we’re talking more specifically about meta descriptions. Even though it’s not a ranking factor for your site, it’s still important. Ahrefs is showing us how to efficiently write the perfect meta description.

Meta descriptions only show on Google 37% of the time, but it carries the power of attracting users to your site. Furthermore, sharing a page link on social media includes the meta link if you don’t write a different description when you share.

  • Expand on your title tag. You’ve probably spent some time on a quality title people will click. Let your description be a second line of defense with more info about the page and enticing reasons why people should click.
  • Match search intent. Do a quick search of your keywords and see what the meta descriptions on the SERP say. This can give you a good idea of intent since some descriptions are geared toward buyers and others are geared toward people seeking information or answers to questions.
  • Use active voice. Speak directly to the person searching. You want them on your site, so use active voice as a clear and personal way of connecting with them.
  • Be concise. You only have so many characters available in your description (~120 on mobile and ~160 on desktop.) Think about where most of your users are coming from. Either way, get your point across in the first 120 characters so it will be seen on desktop and mobile.

Think about which descriptions have effectively captured your interest and check out more examples from Ahrefs.


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