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Peter Dinklage Contemplates Our Hyperconnected World

Peter Dinklage, known to most as Tyrion Lannister on GoT (is this the last time we’ll mention Game of Thrones? IDK) trades in his Hand of the King Pin for a dashing leather jacket in today’s Watch. Chosen for his ability to speak in a “bold, intelligent, and captivating way,” Peter Dinklage and Ogilvy come together in a new, dramatic ad for Cisco.

To help businesses understand what Cisco’s network makes possible, they need to hear about these innovations in a simple and relatable way.” And what better way than with a relatable, highly recognizable actor, who addresses how monumental and intuitive the new network is. Perfect timing in this climate of cyber attacks. Hide yo’ Bitcoin, Hide yo’ Ethereum.

This is also great example of a company strategically using popular culture to grab the audience’s attention, airing the ad just in time for the GoT season finale. 


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