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Pizza Hut Pizza Parka

…say that 5 times fast.

Seems like Taco Bell isn’t the only fast-food brand getting into the fashion biz. Pizza Hut (technically not fast-food, but just subpar food, sorta fast) is diving in too with their Pizza Parkas.

At first we were like, “Parkas made of pizza!? Must be from Lady Gaga’s wardrobe.” Unfortunately, these parkas aren’t made out of pizza. Dang! They’re actually made out of the Hut’s newest pizza delivery bags. Good news: there’s a pocket inside the parka to hold a piece of pizza.

Bad news: They’re…not for sale. It’s just a marketing stunt to make people aware of how warm their new pizza delivery bags are. Double dang! Although judging by the YouTube comments, a lot of people want to buy one of these things. Maybe there’s hope…

Hear our plea, Pizza Hut! 


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