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Plan Your Blog Post from Start to Finish

There are two ways to go about blog writing:

  1. The inefficient way
  2. The efficient way

Okay, that’s probably the vaguest way we could describe the two ways to write a blog, but most people are probably writing blogs posts the inefficient way. Because, boy have we been there. Hey, it’s not all bad news, though. Today, we’re serving up a blog to help you write those blog posts (wait, a blog about blogging…?) in a way that will have you publishing polished posts week in and week out.

Spoiler alert: It all comes down to planning. Planning out your post will help you spend less time editing, write a more engaging post, come up with ideas for other posts, and work better with your team. 

That’s a ton of benefits from one simple tactic. So, how do you effectively plan a blog post? Here ya go:

  1. Write Down Your Topic or Idea. This isn’t going to be the title. Just an idea of what your blog post will be about.
  2. Create a Mindmap. Wat? Grab a piece of paper and write your topic at the center. From there, write down all the key points around it. Branch out from each of those key points if necessary. You might notice other content ideas pop up during this. That’s a good thing.
  3. Type an Outline. This is pretty standard, but make sure you include the words “introduction” and “conclusion,” even if you aren’t going to write them in the outline. That will just help you remember to not do a subpar intro/conclusion.
  4. Flesh Out Your Outline. Take your outline and write a few key points for each section. Now you’re ready to get down to writing!

Plenty of examples for each step in today’s Read


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