Poopsie-Daisy! - Carney
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Poop is a crap palindrome.

Okay, now that we’ve warmed you up with some bottom-tier poop humor, you’re ready for today’s Watch.

But(t)! This just isn’t poop humor. It’s pet poop humor. That’s cuter right? We’re tellin’ ya, this ad is all “awww” and no “ewww”. (Plus, it reminds us of one of our favorite clip from Rocko’s Modern Life.)

Adorably titled, “Meet Poopsie, the happy lil’ Halo pet food poop”, this spot advertising Halo pet food, which aids in healthy digestion btw, makes making #2 cute their #1 priority. How else is a brand supposed to market that shi— stuff…?

Kinda like how Squatty Potty employed a cartoon unicorn with rainbow bowel movements.


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