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Telephone is a timeless game of mixed messages and interpretations. It’s a hoot in the elementary schoolyard, but not so much for brands working hard to keep a consistent message on social media. Even well-intentioned employees sometimes post content that just isn’t on brand. Furthermore, social media can be intimidating for employees posting about their companies. Thankfully, brands can hang up the telephone and stay aligned on social media while increasing social adoption with PostBeyond.

PostBeyond provides employees a definitive source of pre-approved content they can quickly and easily share across all their social channels. Brands can reach further than ever on social media by mobilizing some of their best brand ambassadors: employees.

Employees can access the platform on desktop and mobile and share or schedule with just a few clicks. You can customize content feeds for each employee so they can quickly find the content most relevant to them and the work they’re doing. Reign in your content and see how PostBeyond can enable your employees to catapult your brand into the conversation on social media.


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