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Q: Why use FAQ schema?

FAQ structured data organizes information so that Google understands the webpage’s author, the question asked, and the answer to that question. Using this FAQ schema markup can help you gain a better search presence and drive conversions. Here’s how:

  1. Enhance Search Listings. FAQ-enhanced search listings can help you take up more space in the search results, pushing your competitors down the SERP.
  2. Improve UX. Sprinkling FAQ sections throughout individual webpages can help your visitors zero in on the answers to their questions without taking an extra step. Plus, you won’t slow down other users with paragraphs of content.
  3. Increase Webpage Relevance. Adding non-invasive, useful FAQs to your product pages can set you apart from other merchants and increase relevance for search.
  4. Add More Content To Thin PagesFAQs provide unique content to help distinguish and flesh out your thinner pages.
  5. Drive Conversions. A frictionless UX increases the likelihood that users will take your desired action.

Check out Search Engine Journal’s guide to how and when to implement FAQ schema.


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