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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Digital Agency

Hiring a digital agency isn’t easy. Well, hiring an agency is easy, there are a ton of them out there, but hiring the right one ain’t easy. You’re probably going to spend some serious cash with that agency. So you gotta be sure that you’re going to a get a great return on that money.

A big part of hiring the right agency is asking the right questions before you hire them. If you’ve ever been unsure what you should ask potential agencies, we’ve got the 5 best questions right here:

  1. (6:08) Ask them how much experience they have. But not just general experience. All agencies will tell you they’ve been around since [insert random year], but that doesn’t tell you much. It’s better to ask about total experience and the range of that experience. Have they worked in your industry, worked in digital or traditional marketing, worked with mainly small businesses or large ones? Etc, etc.
  2. (9:25) Where did they get their training? Do they have certifications? If you’re looking to hire an agency to manage your Google Adwords, check to see if they’re Adwords certified. It’s not vital, but it certainly shows initiative.
  3. (11:22) How many campaigns have they revamped? Or, to rephrase, how many winning campaigns have they created that started with a losing campaign? Basically, this is trying to get at the question, “Can you help us?”
  4. (16:25) Do they focus on the right numbers? So when you’re talking to that agency, what numbers are they talking about? If they’re talking about percentages, that might not mean anything. Example: If they say the increased monthly leads for a company by 100%, that could just mean the difference between 1 and 2 leads per month. Take the numbers in context.
  5. (20:37) What’s the strategy scope? Where do the responsibilities of the agency end, and yours begin? Are they just optimizing ads in Adwords, or are they going to be focusing on the bigger picture? Either option is fine. You just have to know where the handoff happens.

Agency marketers: this podcast is good for you too so you can plan your answers to these questions.


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