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Riding West with Jeff Bridges & Lyft

Regardless of what side you’re on in the Lyft vs. Uber debate, there’s no doubt that these companies have changed transportation in cities around the world. Remember the days of waiting for a Yellow Cab? Uhhh, how ’bout no?

With all the negative press from Uber lately, Lyft has been taking a bigger and bigger chunk of the ride-sharing market-share. And now they’re setting themselves up to take even more away from Uber with their newest ad campaign.

Lyft teamed up with our dude Jeff Bridges to travel back to the Oregon Trail. In these spots, Bridges discusses the importance of choice when it comes to transportation. That’s definitely a dig at Uber. There are currently 3 spots, but we like number 2 the best.

And in case you’re wondering, we’re on #TeamLyft.


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