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Rough Rookie Seasons

In marketing, you’re going to fail sometimes. It sucks, but it happens, so it’s best to just accept it now. More importantly — don’t just accept failure, learn from it.

Learning from failure is what makes great marketers, athletes, leaders, etc. In case you haven’t guessed, failure is the hot topic for today’s Listen. We figured everyone could use a little motivation on a Monday. (There’s been a lot of this and this in the office today…but less cute.)

So, join us in welcoming a new podcast from Gimlet Media and Gatorade, which interviews athletes and how failure shaped them! We really think they’re onto something.

This episode features a few NFL players you’ve heard of — Peyton, Eli, and Archie Manning. They drop some valuable lessons about failure. 

We know it’s not directly related to marketing, but what you’ll hear will definitely help your career. You’ve got 20 minutes to help your career, right?

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