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Selling on LinkedIn without ads

It can feel like the finding a bunch of holy grails when organic leads actually werk for you. Thankfully, since LinkedIn is often industry specific or pinpointed by like-networks, it can do the most for you. Here’s some tips for selling on LinkedIn without paying for ads.

Tip No. 1 – Utilize Your Own Profile

  • Fix up your featured section: This can include showcasing a hot link to a post or article you shared on LinkedIn, a YouTube video, blog post, 
  • Strategically share content: Follow some industry hashtags, find the thought leaders, share away.

Tip No. 2 – Get Your Company Page to Work

  • Your banner is your friend! CTA’s and news can be put front and center.
  • Use LinkedIn features: Buttons are a particularly powerful tool to use for free.
  • Share the love: Your employees are some of your best LinkedIn brand ambassadors. Ask them to share content with your company tagged in it.

Tip No. 3 – Slide into the DM’s

  • CAUTION COLD! No one likes out of the blue messages. So be strategic as the WHY someone would want a message from you. You have to know when they’re ready, and typically that’s after an initial action (liking a post, commenting, sharing content, etc.).

Social Media Examiner has a whole lot more of best practices and tips for LinkedIn. Check out the full article for more.


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