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Say whaaaaat? Yeah. SEO + Emojis. More specifically emoji SEO. Today’s Read is all about it, because “at the rate millennials and Generation Z is using emojis, the rise of emoji SEO is coming sometime within the next 10 years.” (We know how powerful the iGeneration is gonna be.)

Did you know if you search Google using the swimsuit emoji + Portland, Oregon, it will show results for for swimwear stores in Portland? We think that’s crazy cool, and a perfect glimpse of where the future is taking us. As Google recognizes more emojis, and indexes results relevant to them, how will emojis begin to impact your online visibility?  

Read on to learn more about this growing trend, as well as examples of:

  • Emojis in local SEO
  • Emojis in branded search terms
  • Emojis in city searches

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