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SEO: How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Short answer: It can take anywhere from several months up to a year to see measurable SEO results. Your mileage will vary, but it largely depends on three important factors:

  1. Your actions. The specialists that you hire and the decks of recommendations that you collect don’t move the needle. Your ability to implement those programs do. Whatever is holding you up—internal buy-in or IT tickets—is delaying your results.
  2. The website. A complicated site with technical issues, a manual action from Google due to previous SEO efforts, a negative consequence of a Google core update, or a new domain can set you back.
  3. The competition. According to Search Engine Land, you want to beat the competition, not the algorithm. And that’s a tough game. Maybe you’re less resourced, or maybe you’re competing for million-dollar keywords, or maybe you’re in a tough industry.

This is why partnering with an SEO professional to audit your site is a critical part of the process. Check out Search Engine Land for a closer look.


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