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SEO Risks: Which Should You Take & Avoid?

Risks involving your search ranking can be scarier than the risk you took getting drunk in front of your boss at the holiday party. Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there. But suffering at the hands of a website redesign is something we hope today’s Read can help prevent.

Naturally, if you’re re-platforming your website with a new design and URL structure change, you risk the rankings that you currently have. It could fall…or not. But the risk of decreasing the SEO value can be worth the opportunity of SEO gains. Risk versus reward is all part of the game, and it’s what you must weigh in before you undertake any risk that involves your SEO ranking.

So here we are, serving up five SEO tactics that are worth the risks and three that you should avoid at all costs. Search Engine Journal goes into ample detail about the hows, whats, and whys, but, for the sake of space, we’re just gonna list the goods and the bads.

SEO Risks to Take

  1. A/B Testing Meta Information
  2. Changing URL Structure
  3. Improving UX
  4. New Holistic Website Design
  5. Acquiring High-Quality Backlinks

SEO Risks to Avoid

  1. Disallowing Neutral Backlinks
  2. Deleting or Consolidating Pages
  3. Making Site-Wide Changes First

Click-through for the full deets so your risky behavior stops at office holiday parties.


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