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SEO Writing Hacks to Boost Your Social Media

Ventriloquism is an interesting trick. A magician, for instance, performs a trick we can’t understand, but we still know it’s a trick. On the other hand, a ventriloquist’s schtick is understood from the outset; we’re not left questioning how the act worked.

SEO is the magic trick not everyone understands. A brand’s social media is the ventriloquist’s puppet serving the interests of the ventriloquist; it’s right there in front of us and it works. Exercise your brand’s voice with Agorapulse’s SEO writing hacks to boost your social media, and let your social media boost you in return.

  • Write great captions. Social media is bite-sized. Like browsing books in a library, it takes a great cover, title, and description to draw someone into your story. Make sure your posts display keywords that translate easily to your site. Featuring a product on Instagram? Don’t forget to add the product name. Take advantage of relevant hashtags and break up text with emojis where applicable.
  • Tag & Feature People With a Higher SEO Ranking Than Your Own. Tune into brands and influencers in your niche and tag them in your own posts. For instance, if you own a bike shop, tag a brand whose bikes you sell. In addition to building good rapport with the brand, your message will extend to their followers. Highlight User-Generated Content and host contests where likes, comments, and tags equal entries.
  • Make Everything Shoppable. People shop on Instagram. Short and simple. 60% of users discover new products on the platform and 130 million users tap to reveal product tags each month. Make posts shoppable with tags or include links to products within your bio. Don’t miss out on hot leads.

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