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Series of Unfortunate Content Events

Always learn from your mistakes. Even better — always learn from someone else’s. And who better to learn from then fellow content marketer, Copyblogger FM’s own Sonia Simone? She’s sharing five biggies she’s made in the past (some more than once). Plus, how to avoid them in the future — at all costs!

Her words of wisdom start around 02:35.

  • (02:45) #1: Pouring endless time into a huge project that has no market. Don’t create your software, online course, online business, etc. without checking to see if there’s a paying market.
  • (04:45) Do a trial run first. If it’s not well-received, at least you didn’t get that hard “no” later down the road.
  • (06:45) #2: Constant pivoting without any forward movement. If you’re constantly refining and re-refining your idea, but never actually launch the idea, you’ll never know which direction it will take you!
  • (07:35) Instead, cultivate a project focus —  what can I launch in the next 30 days for a meaningful experience. Think of it as an experiment and gather data (i.e the audience’s response).
  • (08:42) #3: Failing to set boundaries for the people you are working for
  • (09:04) “The Nightmare Client” ::dun dun dunnn::
  • (11:35) #4: The Hail Mary Purchase. Or, spending a huge amount of $$ you don’t have because you think it will fix your skills or your content.
  • (12:33) Think: is this the right time in your business to make an investment?
  • (15:08) Be realistic. Is this education going to help where you are right now, and not where you wish you were?
  • (16:15) #5: If you just regurgitate everything you’ve learned, you’re not teaching effectively. This is what Sonia refers to as, “Content puke.” Has quite a nice ring to it, huh?   

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