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Seth Godin’s Life-Changing Ideas for Marketers (& Everyone Else)

“Is there a better way for marketers to spend 45 minutes of their time than listening to Seth Godin?”

Goooooood question. It really doesn’t get much better than a podcast from Seth Godin, unless of course it’s reading one of his books. Combine the two and you have the makings of today’s Listen from The Sophisticated Marketer! We’ll let Seth do the talking on this one.

The realness starts at 04:00.

  • (05:30) Are we going to industrialize and privatize everything just because we can? Or, are we going to use this moment to be more human?
  • (05:50) Sophisticated marketers vs. intuitive marketers and why Seth sees himself as the latter
  • (06:32) Seth’s defines 4 kinds of marketers and how they exist (and die) in the industry
  • (10:00) Why people forget to take care of people they were shepherding from the beginning
  • (11:00) Why being known by a lot of people isn’t really the goal
  • (11:55) What “content marketing is the only marketing left” really means
  • (13:18) The crucial difference between anecdotes and stories
  • (18:53) Apple’s downfall: the story it’s telling doesn’t work anymore…
  • (19:10) The importance of recognizing brands as living things, primarily about identity and change
  • (21:35) Seth answers the question: In a corporate setting, is it better to fall in line and play the game, or to be unique? 
  • (22:17) The outcomes of “playing the game” in the corporate setting — “Don’t bother playing a game you’re going to lose”
  • (25:28) Linchpins and ~the power of creative freedom~
  • (28:45) How Seth decides what goes on his blog every day
  • (29:06) Focus on punching yourself in the face, not others… (Hey, his words, not ours.)
  • (33:30) Seth shares his most memorable keynote with an ~unexpected~ ending…

Bonus: The major points are also summarized in the article below.

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