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Shake Up Imagination

As much as it pains us to say this: Halloween is over, and we’re moving on from horror ads. We truly can’t get enough, but our boss looked at us like this when we brought up using another one… 

So, we’re moving on.

 The Man can’t stop us from using other holiday ads, though! 

Remember being a kid and shaking all of your Christmas presents trying to figure out what was in that carefully wrapped box? Maybe you still do that. Lego is taking that idea to the next level with their new holiday campaign.

The spot features kids shaking Christmas presents and guessing what’s inside. Once they figure out that they’re shaking a box of Lego’s, the kids’ imaginations run wild with what they’re going to build.

And that’s what we liked most, you barely see any actual product in the ad, it’s all imagination.


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