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Silence of the Ads

“It puts the captions in the vids, or else it it gets the hose again.”

Sorry, that movie reference is a little dark, even for the Carnage. We are talking about films here though, just the silent kind.

What’s one thing Facebook has in common with films from the 1920s?

People watch both of them in silence. Even though Facebook is as modern as they come, it’s bringing back the classic silent film. Sort of. They’re not doing it intentionally, but not many people actually listen to your Facebook videos. That’s one of the reasons you absolutely need captions on them. But you already knew that.

Anyway, home security company SimpliSafe is embracing the silent film trend on Facebook by actually creating silent films for their video ads. They’ve filmed a number of 18-second videos without any dialogue. They went all out to create really stylized ads, filming in black and white, reducing the video quality, and using old-timey music.

Big fans of this approach.


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