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How to Skyrocket Your Search Traffic without Spending a Cent

We have a treat for you today, fam! We’re listening in to Neil Patel and Eric Sui’s Marketing School podcast and learning the most effective tips for boosting search traffic.

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[01:25] There’s a surge of online activity for obvious reasons. Now is the time to review your content. Neil suggests specifically looking at winning content within the last seven days. Update that content by adjusting the title tags and making the context more relevant. 

[02:15] Eric recommends a strategy call news-jacking. News changes constantly. We aren’t just talking about COVID. But for a marketer – statistics, updates, and tactics change so frequently that it becomes an opportunity to capitalize.

When something new drops in your industry take advantage of it by being the business with the answers. Consider all of the questions that may come from that news piece and create content around it.

[03:10] Similarly, keep an eye on trends. Use Buzzsumo or Google Trends to stay on top of what being talked about most in your industry. Then write about it!

Doing this, you’ll create hyper-relevant content that adds value to the reader because you know you’re answering their questions. Not only will you gain search traffic, but also, traffic coming in from Google Discover.

[03:45] Then there’s this concept from Brian Dean called Power Pages. It’s essentially pulling related content together to make a master content piece. Power Pages help you get more long-tail traffic and consolidates attention to one page.

[04:50] One key insight the Neil offers is not getting overly involved with custom design for your content. It may look cool but updating that content down the line can become very hard.


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