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Small Fry

Only in Portland, Oregon would KFC open a miniature pop-up shop for one day only. Bringing a whole new meaning to “shop small,” KFC was serving up mini $5 fill-up boxes to the public—luckily, free of charge because they’re only one-twelfth the size of a regular fill-up box.

Here’s what George Felix, KFC U.S. director or technology, told The Daily Meal:

“We’re always considering new ways to use innovation and technology to do out-of-the-box things that have become ‘on brand’ for us. The mini foods video is a shareable way to show how our famous Original Recipe fried chicken is prepared the hard (and mini) way. To bring it to life and make it authentic, we decided to open the world’s smallest KFC, offering up a unique experience for fans.”

Spoiler alert: the video is very mesmerizing and very cute.


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