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So The Story Goes…

We’ve all been there. When things at work just aren’t clicking. Maybe it’s your team, or maybe your audience just isn’t clicking through. In a sea of infinite content, don’t lose your voice in the void.

Today’s Read is about 3 ways storytelling can be used to dramatically improve communication within your team and the market. Yes, it’s a story about…storytelling. But, hey, who doesn’t love a good story? (Okay, how many times can we say “story”, right?)

You know how it goes. A character with a problem enters, stage right. They meet a guide who gives them a plan and moves them to action. This is where success or failure comes in, and that’s when we learn from the story itself.

Think of this story structure as a formula to use in speeches, networking, and writing long-form content. Get your read on – it’s a good story. And a crazy helpful one, too.


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