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Social Listening in 2018: 10 Ways for Brands to Succeed

Last week, we hooked you up with a stacked list of social media listening tools. Now, let’s go a little deeper.

Once you’ve got the tools, then what? First and foremost, you’ll understand your audience in more meaningful ways—ways that will help you differentiate your brand from your competitors. You’ll have better customer service, more competitive research, and the opportunity to boost your brand’s image. 

The article below shares some of the ways your brand can use social listening to provide better service, outwit your competitors, and stay ahead of industry trends.

Here are a few to kick things off:

See customers hype you up

Sure, you’ll see those in notifications, but social listening software/tools give you a leg up over notifications. Synthesio, for example, notifies you when people mention your brand but don’t @mention you. Social listening tools can also reveal the clout of the person hyping you up. 

Perform product research

Want to know how you can improve your existing products, or which new product lines you should prioritize launching first? Social listening provides an answer. Within one of your social media monitoring tools, create social listening feeds for the following:

  • Your specific product name and variations of it
  • The related product category
  • The related industry segment

Speak your customer’s language

Social listening helps you learn the voice, tone, and language of your target customer base. Let that inform the messaging on your website, social media, and marketing materials. What hashtags are your customers using? Are the long-tail keywords your customers using the same ones you’re targeting in your blog content?

Don’t forget images

Look for image analytics in your social listening software to regularly scour the web for shares of your brand assets. They’ll reveal additional opportunities from the list above, such as compliments and complaints, influencer mentions, as well as inclusions on roundup lists or product review sites.

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