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Social Media and Local Search: How to Optimize Your Profiles for Local Customers

When it comes to geographic barriers, increasing visibility on social media for products and services can be a bit more straightforward for eCommerce businesses. But what about businesses that are bound by a specific location in their customer acquisition efforts?

AdEspresso breaks down social media and local search so you can see how to optimize all of your profiles and on-platform content for local customers.

Rule number one, it’s important to always include location data in your profiles.

  • In your Facebook “About” section, enter your business’s exact location. This will generate a Google Map so users can get directions.
  • Instagram is very similar; input your business location when setting up your business profile.
  • On your LinkedIn Company Page, enter your location when editing your Page, and the location will appear immediately under your Page name.

Rule number two, add location-oriented keywords in your content.

You should always include location-oriented keywords in your “About” sections on social media. It’s just as crucial to include these keywords regularly in social posts and content. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are some of the most frequently-used search engines, so make it easy for local prospects to find you in their localized searches.

Rule number three, use location-based hashtags.

Keep in mind that hashtags act as clickable portals for topics that users are interested in. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, so allocate at least 10 of these to location-oriented hashtags.

Rule number four, Create sister accounts if you have different branches.

You don’t want to confuse customers and prospects. Setting up accounts for each business location allows you to easily create location-specific content. People will be able to quickly see different locations as they search. Just make sure your branding is consistent across accounts.

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