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Social Media Benchmarking and ROI

Aaaand we’re back! We took a few days off for America. Hope you didn’t miss us too much.

If the concept of social media benchmarking and ROI seems a little daunting, you’re not alone. Just another reason why Buffer’s Science of Social Media podcast continues to rock our world. Today’s Listen makes it much less intimidating by breaking down – into a digestible 9 minutes! – the four, industry-standard benchmarks and how to apply them to your own brand or biz.

Here are the four benchmarks to track what you want to accomplish on social media:

  1. Aspirational dream big by looking at the metrics of industry leaders, matching your goal to these influencers
  2. Trended – use your own data to identify the standard you achieve, like increasing engagement based on historical results
  3. Earned – previously successful campaigns and promotions are benchmarks for future campaigns and promotions
  4. Inspirational – taking inspiration from direct competitors based on competitor data in your niche 

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