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Social Media Benchmarks to Know in 2022

If you haven’t check out Sprout’s 2022 Year in Social Report, you may wanna head on over and give it a download. It’s full of great tidbits, stats, and analysis on the state of social media marketing.

What to measure in 2022*:

  • Impressions – Impressions measure the number of times your content is displayed. Why do they matter? Exposure is what boosts brand awareness. The more often people see your content, the more familiar they become with your brand. A screenshot of a LinkedIn post from Drift promoting their podcast, “Operations with Sean Lane”.
  • Posts published – This is the number of posts published across accounts during a specific period. While this may seem simple, it’s a good foundation of a successful social media strategy to help you reverse engineer the publishing volume needed to reach certain impressions, engagements and engagement rates.
  • Total Engagements – This measures the number of times users engaged with your posts during a specific reporting period. It covers all engagements including likes, reactions, retweets and other network-specific interactions as well.
  • New followers – Maybe you’re not looking at who is new to your brand too often but according to Sprout, 9/10 consumers will buy from brands they follow on social. Let this chart show you what that means for possible actions:

*One big note here – These metrics are network-agnostic, which means you can use them to assess your full social media strategy.

Check out the full report by Sprout for specific industry highlights!


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