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Social Videos Aren’t Easy. They Are With Vidico.

Square, Sunbeam, Koala, and other DTC brands are winning more customers with video for social. You should, too!

How? Vidico – they’ve helped small DTC brands to Fortune 500 companies produce videos that are clear, creative and convincing without any hassle. Just have a look at these ecommerce brands’ results:

  • Bailey Nelson’s brand video got a 40% increase in branded search.
  • Temple & Webster’s commercial had a 335% increase in brand recall.
  • Koala’s 2-min YouTube ad won a platinum award and had a top-notch view rate.

Want to get similar results for your video ads? Book a free video strategy session and walk away with insights about what’s working in your space, and suggestions from video pros that have worked with the likes of Square, Spotify, and Airtable.


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