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Stay Organized with Woven

Calendars keep us organized. We all love a jumbo desk paper calendar. After all, we stare at screens all day. So it’s nice to actually write things down, but it can get very cluttered, very quickly. And the horror of spilling your iced coffee on it! Let’s face it, calendars are only effective when it can be easily organized and altered if needed.

We all know what it’s like having tons of events on our calendars and questioning what they’re about. With Woven, you can tag your calendar events and see instant analytics of where you spend your time.

Hover over a calendar event and right-click to assign a tag. You can quickly see tags for each meeting and even filter by certain tags if need be. Most importantly, you can see on a daily and weekly basis where you’re spending your time so you can spend it on the things that matter most.

Try Woven today and take back your time.


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