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Stay Wild

“In this world, there’s room for everyone, and the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful — but we have lost the way.”

That might be a quote from the 1940s by Charlie Chaplin, but it seems even more relevant today, as mass-produced goods flood the world and smartphones slowly dumb us down. 

That’s the idea Jackson Hole is running with in their new ad campaign, “Stay Wild.” They want people to step away from technology, get away from the daily stress, and unplug (and spend money) at Jackson Hole. 

Chaplin’s moving speech — taken from the movie, The Great Dictator — rings out through the whole 90-second ad. You can watch and read the speech here. It works so perfectly in tandem with Jackson Hole’s stunning imagery that, by golly, we nearly shed a tear. 

Every now and then a brand comes along and absolutely nails that emotional connection all marketers are after. Jackson Hole certainly figured it out in this campaign. We’ve watched it about 349 times already and just booked a trip to Jackson Hole this winter. Dang advertising, got us again.


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