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Step-By-Step Guide for How to Start a Podcast

Podcasts have grown to be one of the top sources for entertainment and sharing content in the past few years. Everybody’s doing it! But getting one started means taking the right steps.

Step 1 – Ask Yourself the Big Q’s: Other than it being so popular, why should you start a podcast? Keep in mind, podcasts are not for everyone or every brand. BUT most podcasts cater to a niche audience, so they can create content that targets their core audience. The next steps will help you out with the next big Q – how?

Step 2 – Do Your Prep Work: This is the most important step for figuring out what your podcast will be.

  • Start with thinking about your audience
  • Then move into the deets like your name, description, frequency, and episode length.
  • Determine your format with who is doing the speaking (solo, duos, multiple hosts, or call-ins/interviews)

Step 3 – Time to Get Technical: You can either rent studio space and they will have all the equipment for you, or you can grab them yourself. The essentials are a microphone, audio recording software, and a (preferably soundproof) space.

Step 4 – Make It Happen, Captain: Once you have everything prepared (including your script), you can record and get your podcast ready to edit. Editing can make or break how professional your podcast sounds so this is when to determine if you need to hire an editor or do it yourself to the best of your ability.

Step 5 – Time to Distribute: Most platforms need square artwork at least 1400 x 1400 in the RGB colorspace at 72 DPI. Distribution is one of the key elements to supporting your podcast is finding a reliable place to host your episodes like Buzzsprout or Anchor.

Step 6 – Monetize It!: Only do this once you’ve established a listener base, otherwise you’ll be wasting money. You might have to repeat some planning steps to grow.

See the full guide on Findstack’s post for more examples and ideas for your podcast preparation.


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