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Super Bowl LVIII By The Numbers

Take a look at the longest Super Bowl in history by the numbers:

  • Look Who’s Talking: Over 500k accounts made a total of 2.65m posts during the game, or 11k mentions per minute.
  • The Taylor Effect: Taylor Swift was mentioned over 148k times, accounting for 5.6% of all Super Bowl mentions this year. 24% of Gen Z and 20% of Millennials in the US are more interested in football because of the popstar.
  • Beautiful Ads: Cosmetic brands like Dove, NYX, and e.l.f. ran ads banking on Swifties tuning in.
  • Shop Like A Billionaire: The online marketplace brand was the brand winner, generating over 33k mentions with multiple spots. Sentiment wasn’t all positive, though.
  • Beyonce Broke The Internet: She got Verizon over 32,000 mentions, making the brand the second-most talked about during the game and peaking at over 2,500 mentions in one minute.

Check out Brandwatch for more stats on the game.


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