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Sweet In Sweats

Guess what this writer is doing immediately after finishing writing today’s Watch? Going home, putting on sweatpants, and binging Stranger Things 2 (I know, I know, 99% of America has watched it already). The key part here is *putting on sweatpants*.

You know that feeling when you put on sweatpants after a long day of work? Yeah, putting on sweats feels pretty sweet. That flawless transition leads us right into the name of Fruit of the Loom’s new ad campaign: Sweet in Sweats.

The campaign features plenty of ’80s-style excitement—you know, people jumping into the air acting cheesy. There’s also an ’80s-inspired jingle, and maybe our favorite tactic from the ’80s: freeze-frames.

These ads manage to both pay homage to and make fun of the ’80s in 30 seconds. We gotta respect that.

Warning: the Sweet in Sweats jingle is gonna get stuck in your head after watching these ads.


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