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Take Up More Space

Did you know that blank space in visual layouts can reduce persuasion?

Studies show that marketing messages were less persuasive when surrounded by empty space, particularly when space appeared below an argument or appeal (Kwan, Dai, & Wyer, 2017).

But isn’t minimalism king? Not necessarily. According to the research, “a communicator who intends to convey a strong opinion is likely to use all of the space available to elaborate his or her position, whereas a communicator who is less confident… may leave space unused.”

Plus, an argument like “100% satisfaction” may feel smaller and hold less weight in the context of a large canvas of negative space.

A graphic that demonstrates that a marketing message that takes up 33% of a canvas is less effective than one that utilizes 100% of available space
Credit: Nick Kolenda

Check out Nick Kolenda’s blog for more on this insight.


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