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Text-Only Content is Dead

If your content is solely text-based, you won’t have a shot at beating the competition in an increasingly complex and competitive search landscape.

Visual content: Mix in original graphics and stock photos, videos, presentations, data visualizations and infographics, GIFs and memes, and even AI-generated images.

Podcasts: Promote brand awareness and take advantage of this growing channel’s impressive retention rate.

Interactive experiences: Explore brand-relevant quizzes and polls, surveys, calculators, image sliders, games, as well as interactive infographics and videos.

UGC: Reshare user-generated content (with permission) on your site, on social, in your email outreach, throughout long-form content, in your podcast and webinars, etc.

Livesteaming: Announce when you’re going live on social and via email, run paid ads and retarget customers, and authentically engage with users in a livestream.

In summary, the traditional blog isn’t going to cut it anymore. Take a closer look at Search Engine Journal.


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